Jarno Nieuwenhuize

Almost two decades ago; a flight in a motorglider ignited the spark that started my fascination with flying.  Only a few years later, doing maintenance on composite airframes broadened that interest into engineering and the unlimited possibilities of composites.

Studying Aerospace engineering at TU Delft was a logical and fascinating next step. With a focus on conceptual design, structures and low-speed aerodynamics this provided a solid engineering basis combined with the hands on experience of flying, maintaining and repairing airframes.

The completed fuselage of the Sirocco-NG. At 8 kg (17 lbs) it’s about a quarter of the weight of the original design.

While studying I regularly did small side-jobs which grew into Nieuwenhuize engineering and a position at ACLA as Lead engineer, responsible for most engineering and certification efforts on the Sirocco-NG, a from-scratch redesign.

Just short of finishing all certification requirements the Sirocco-NG project was sold to Germany. I started work at a manufacturer of composite bearings as a project engineer. Today, as lead engineer I am responsible for the engineering and project management for some of the largest bearings in the world.

Inspecting a composite bearing on a cutter suction dredgers’ trunnion bearing in which the entire 40 meter (135 ft) cutter ladder is hinged.
The Pioneering Spirit, world’s heaviest-lift vessel (48000 tonnes) as well as the biggest pipe-layer in the world. I was deeply involved in many of the bearings on this ship.